Family Tree
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William Porter I

Elizabeth Porter (nee Field)

Mr Field, Brother of Elizabeth 

William Field Porter II  = Alice Porter (nee Roper)

Richard Field Porter
William Field Porter III = Ann Porter (nee Munro)

Alice Porter = John Salmon

Amy Salmon
Lila Salmon
William Field Porter IVMargaret Jean Porter (nee Wolff)

Herbert Munro (Bertie) Porter

Henry Roper (Harry) Porter

William Lincoln Field Porter

Alice Field Porter
William Field Porter V = Shirley Juanita Minnie Porter (nee Croucher)
Doris Field Porter
William Field Porter VI
Miranda Law (nee Porter) = Robert Garry Law
Robert Law = Susan (nee Wilson)
Andrew Law = Laura (nee Orozco) 
Richard Law = Tanya Paul

Brig Porter