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Star of  Forbidden Planet

About the movie

The opening sound clip is from the movie

Some images:



Pretty cute!

Movie Posters

How come the hero always gets the blonde?  - anyway its all in the poster painter's mind - not a scene in the movie.

Toy Boxes:



   Sex to sell toys?

On You Tube:                                            

Movie Trailer

3D digital model Dr Morbius House

Tour of the saucer - 3D digital model


Then in the 60's there was Dr Who. The Daleks weren't  a patch on Robby - No legs for a start, let alone the whirly bits. (Anyway they weren't robots at all, just machines to carry mutant's bodies about). 
Great voices though (Click  > to play) 

Leaving more to the imagination was the BBC serial Journey Into Space, of the mid 1950's also.

Here's a fragment from that (Click  > to play) 

My other space fantasy of the 50's was Dan Dare in the British comic Eagle. Apparently there was a radio version too - on Radio Luxembourg - beamed at the UK, but it was never played in New Zealand.

The Biggles-like space spin-off, also by W E Johns, starting with Kings of Space, was part of my reading too, but I preferred Biggles. 
Kings of Space books.

Publicity Shot

Who's got better legs, Robby or Anne Francis?

I first saw the movie in the Regent Theatre, The Octagon, Dunedin, New Zealand - - I would have been 11. (see

Blew me away! Quite different from the westerns and war movies I was normally to be found at.

It was only years later I found it was a cult movie.

My eldest son is Robert - called Robbie - I wonder.......... 

MGM having created him had to use him some more. The first outing was The Invisible Boy:

So who got the biggest typeface on the poster?  Robby!

In fact he has appeared in many subsequent films and other media. Is he a character or an actor? - the movie sites have it both ways.

As a characterAs an actor  Both pages have his filmography.

Yeah alright, this site isn't a patch on but I like it.

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